The science behind the rise.

For far too long, the American diet has been missing something: Fiber. And right now, the options for high fiber foods are limited in choice and flavor. We created Sol Rising to right this wrong, to make bread and baked goods a nutritious and tasty mealtime staple again.

We did it with SOLFLOUR™, our proprietary blend of ingredients that adds softness and flavor to nutrient dense wheat-based foods.

How does it work? The secret is in the combination of ingredients, balanced by our natural scientists and culinary experts for the closest match to real baked-good indulgence.

We start by using the parts of the wheat grain that provide the most nutrition, isolated for only the dietary fiber and protein, without the starches that add empty carbohydrates. To this, we add sunflower seeds and our proprietary dough softener, which contribute rich flavor and fluffy, soft texture, while also protecting the fibers from being digested by the body. While other products using similar wheat compounds tend to taste more like dense, flavorless cardboard, Sol Rising products mimic the taste and texture of traditional full-carb baked goods you love.

People who have enjoyed Sol Rising™ say our products help them maintain lower blood sugar and meet the carbohydrate, calorie and sugar limits of the lifestyles and diets they try to maintain for optimal health.

Try them for yourself, and see.