Frequently Asked Questions


How is it possible to have such a great tasting bread that’s also so low in carbohydrates?
It’s possible because of our proprietary flour blend, SOLFLOUR™. SOLFLOUR is made with only the parts of the wheat grain that provide the most nutrition, not the starchy compounds that add empty carbs. It also includes sunflowers, for added flavor and softness, and our special, patent-backed dough conditioner, which protects the wheat fibers from breaking down during digestion. Rather than being absorbed by the body and turned into sugar and calories, SOLFLOUR passes right through the digestive track with little to no glycemic impact. Read More

How can something with so few ingredients be so delicious?
The answer is sunflowers. Sunflowers, in various forms, are a key ingredient in every Sol Rising product. They are a gift from nature, that we have studied in depth for their nutritional and flavorful benefits. Not only do they impart a wonderful savory flavor, but the seeds also contain micronutrients and antioxidants that help condition the dough and contribute to its incredible rise and fluffy softness.

Do Sol Rising products contain gluten?
Yes. However, we are working on a gluten-free, low net carb, vegan product that will be coming soon.

Do Sol Rising products contain soy?

Do Sol Rising products contain nuts?
Only coconut, in the form of oil in most of our products. Our products do contain a variety of seeds, including sunflower seeds, which provide wonderful flavor and softness without allergens.

Do Sol Rising products contain added sugar?
Absolutely not. We are committed to zero added sugar and zero empty carbs in all of our products. However, some ingredients naturally contain sugar, which can contribute to carbs, though we try to minimize their impact as much as possible.

Are Sol Rising products vegan or vegetarian?
Yes, to both!