Making the world a lighter, brighter place.

Every morning starts the same way for Jordan Brock. He wants to make the world a lighter, brighter place. He's not looking to make a big splash. He just believes that making small changes or little improvements can make the biggest difference.

Jordan has always had a passion for eating healthy, but has never understood why that should involve making sacrifices. Why do healthy choices have to mean less flavorful food? This hunger for better options - and a love for breakfast foods - is what led him to create Sol Rising, a business whose sole purpose is to create carb-neutral products that are nutritious, flavorful and clean.

With a team of natural food scientists and culinary experts, Jordan is now creating a line of baked goods with all the flavor and texture of “traditional”  baked products, without the empty carbs and sugar. Using natural ingredients in novel combinations, in recipes as imaginative as they are scientifically balanced, this team has truly achieved nutritionally superior products without taste tradeoffs.

We know your taste buds are the ultimate proof, so check back often for more information about when and where you can get your first taste.