Small Changes Make the Biggest Difference

My philosophy is pretty simple.

I look for little ways each day to make life lighter and brighter. I’ve always believed the little adjustments have the greatest chance of paying off in the long run. This line of thinking is really the inspiration behind Sol Rising. It all started with the fact I had the hardest time finding something healthy for my kids to snack on. Everything that tasted great was bad for them. And vice versa.  

Trying to eat healthy shouldn’t be a balance of taste versus nutrition. Why should anyone have to sacrifice either?

So, I started small. Baby steps. I gathered an incredible collection of food scientists and branding experts and they created something unheard of – Sol Flour. If you’ve been on my site, you know this is the golden ticket behind Sol Rising, and the legend of zero net carb bread was born.

I hope you’re hungry for more. I know I am! Thanks for reading.

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