The joy of eating well.

At Sol Rising, our mission is to help others live healthier by eating healthier.

That’s why we created a zero net carb bread with amazing taste and nutrition that’s perfect for anyone - and even people who follow strict diets. For Mike and Louise, it’s been a source of newfound joy. Here’s their story.

About two years ago, Mike was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. To remove it, he had to have surgery to have a portion of his pancreas removed. The surgery was successful, but Mike knew that he would have to make big lifestyle changes moving forward.

After his surgery, Mike had a higher risk of developing diabetes. He was adamant he would not let that happen. Together with his wife Louise, they began eliminating foods from his diet to control his blood sugar.

Fast forward to today, Mike says his diet is like “a religion.” Regimented and disciplined, he has cut back on many carb loaded foods.

“He really restricts his carbs fanatically. So no bread, cookies, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans, many veggies and the list goes on,” Louise says, While it may sound like an extreme sacrifice, Mike knows he is doing the right thing for his health.

But, the truth is, Mike misses carbs. Especially bread.

“I miss just having a sandwich,” he says, “Especially the kind you make with Thanksgiving leftovers — with turkey, cranberry sauce, and two slices of white bread. Mmmm so good! That is my number one favorite sandwich, but I can’t have that anymore.”

Of course, Mike and Louise have explored carb-free bread options. They tried carb-free bread brands from their grocery store and bought some loaves online. They all tasted like sawdust.

Louise even tried baking carb-free bread at home. After several tries with a couple different recipes, the result was always the same. “It was like eating a squishy pound cake with no taste and no crust,” describes Mike. “It was just awful to eat.”

Eventually, the couple had to face the fact that they might not find a good alternative. Until, Sol Rising.

Through a series of serendipitous events, Mike and Louise heard about the development of Sol Rising, and were among the first lucky people to receive samples. They were intrigued by the idea of a delicious carb-free bread and couldn’t wait to give it a try for themselves.

“Two loaves of bread arrived at our doorstep at 10 o’clock one night,” Louise remembers. “Even though it was late, we immediately took it to the kitchen to try it! We could instantly tell by the look and feel of the loaves that this bread was different from all the others.”

After trying it once, Mike was ecstatic. “It was like having real bread again. It looked, felt, and tasted just like regular bread. And, the best part was, it was zero carbs!”

Soon, the couple will have access to Sol Rising in regular grocery stores. For now, the promise of easily accessible, delicious carb-free bread is enough for them.

When asked about their final verdict on Sol Rising’s bread, Louise said, “It was truly like the sun came out again for us. The bread is that good.”

“Exactly,” Mike concurred. “Now, when and where can I buy it?”



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